What is the Dahabiya ?

A Dahabiya is an Arabic word meaning ‘the golden one. It’s a large comfortable sailing boat of a simple but elegant form with two large sails. The Dahabiya is offering the romance of the past combined with the comfort of today.

When you sail on Dahabiya, you will have a great unforgettable experience as you will feel the beauty not just see it, when you pass through the green valley, islands, farms, villages, off the beaten path attractions, and the romantic view of the pure sky full of stars. Feel convinced, enjoy your privacy, and relax on the sundeck in the morning under the sun and in the evening under the sky filled with stars hearing the peaceful voice of the Nile while you are reading your novel, listening to your music while having your favorite drink.

For those who love change, what is better than waking up every day to a different and amazing view? Then have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals all on board while sailing the Nile and enjoying the beautiful landscape. In between, stop at towns and villages to visit famous historical landmarks along the Nile and others hardly visited by tourists.